Barbed wire

Photos by StillWalks.

Lliw Lower Reservoir, South Wales.

Canon 550D F5.6 ISO 100 1/640

Canon 550D F10 ISO 100 1/250

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Moving to

All the fence photos are moving to my main blog

I will be posting three pictures a day in the reverse order.

This webiste will be closed for no need of this domain name.

All your photos are “Fences” tagged, so you can easily find them.

It will take about a month to move your pictures.

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Lake Effect

The photo was taken by Spencer Hall Feb 13, 2013 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada overlooking Lake Ontario.

The morning sun highlighted a patch of clouds on the horizon while everywhere else was dreary. The fence sits between a pathway that runs along the edge of the lake and a short drop to the actual shore of the lake.

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Painted Rocks

Photographer: Elisa Hughes.

Location: Painted Rocks campgrounds, Colorado, USA.

Date: October, 12, 2007.

Campgrounds a couple miles outside of our cabin.

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Fenced In

Photo by Christopher J Cart ©2013.

Surprisingly this fence panel has endured. . . it’s been standing for at least eight years now. . . that’s nigh an eternity for fence panels in my back garden. . .

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Danger of Death!

A fence, guarding electrical equipment surrounded by warning signs and bramble bushes. 

Photo by Tom Robson taken in Leicester, UK February 2013.

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Granite and Steel standing guard on this 18th century graveyard in Hodges South Carolina.

It was taken on February 20, 2013 by Steve.

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Walking along the fence

Photo by Alexey Markovich.

Belgorod, Russia.

February 15, 2012.

Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

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No Back In

Photo by Tim Mooney:

“A little humor for the day. Taken in Oak Park, IL, behind a rest home”.

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Gateway to The Shire

Photo by Christopher J Cart ©2013:

“The Shire Country Park (The Dingles) is where JRRR Tolkein spent much of his youth, playing along the River Cole in Birmingham, UK and it is said to be the inspiration for “The Shire” in “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Ring” trilogy. . . this photo was taken after the first major snowfall of 2013″.

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